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Submit a proposal for organizing a professional development workshop

Workshops should focus on specific topics or tools used in language learning and teaching field. Any language instructor at IU, including other IU campuses, or a center may submit a proposal using our workshop proposal form.

  • Workshops should focus on skills useful to language educators and related fields
  • Each workshop requires a topic, instructor(s), and host (facilities and a staff member that will act as the local coordinator). CLE and CELT staff will review and select professional development workshop topics with input from language coordinators as appropriate. Please contact us if you want to organize a workshop.
  • We prioritize forms submitted by August 1 for the following academic year and recommended that you contact our center during the planning stages.

Workshop Proposal Form


Submit a question for discussing in the annual Pet Peeves event

We host an annual "Pet Peeves" event where you have the opportunity to ask questions about your biggest foreign language teaching “pet peeves” (things that annoy you the most in your foreign language classroom) to language pedagogy specialists from across language departments on the IU campus in a friendly, safe environment.

A panel consisting of experienced language instructors will facilitate a discussion on pet peeves in language teaching in order to identify common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, as well as provide suggested alternatives and interventions.

Topics will vary depending on the audience’s interests. If you are a language instructor and have questions to the language teaching community, feel free to submit them to CLE to be discussed during the Pet Peeves event.

Submit a topic to be discussed in the Language Coordinator (LC) meeting

We hope members of the language community feel included and valued, which fosters a supportive and communicative environment where all language learners and instructors can advance and develop together. Therefore, we collect ideas and share them with our language coordinators.

We thrive for creating a more informed and insightful community with targeted goals. We invite all language coordinators to participate in CLE’s decision-making process and encourage them bringing topics to discuss.

If you are a language coordinator and want to suggest a topic or an issue for discussion, feel free to contact us. We will make sure to include them to our language coordinator meeting agenda.


Suggest a presentation topic for the Language Learner Lounge (LLL) event

Language Learner Lounge Series is open to both those who are enrolled in a language course and those who are simply interested in learning foreign/second languages. This is an exciting online event for language learners that takes place on a bimonthly basis.

Goals of the event:

  • to meet peers who have similar interest
  • to share language learning tips and experiences
  • to support and motivate each other
  • to get to know experts in language instruction
  • to form a community of language learners

Feel free to suggest a topic for a discussion in the LLL event.


Submit an idea for collaboration

Our Center is committed to serving as a bridge between various groups in the community. If you have an idea for an event or program, or would like to collaborate with the Center, we invite you to contacting us.

Please provide the title of the project, prospective date, the summary of the project (up to 300 words), how does this project align with the mission of CLE, intended goals and outcomes of the project, scope of the project, and the role of the center. If you need any funding, please show the amount and attach a justification document for the amount requested.

We thrive to create an opportunity to discuss problems, reach out, harvest knowledge, and build trust across departments and other centers on campus. We create partnerships for accomplishing sustainable collaboration and mutual goals. We look forward to hearing your ideas!


Nominate a presenter

We're always looking for new presenters and new ideas to introduce to our language learning and teaching community. Through our interactive events, sessions, and professional development workshops, we share ideas and help to our language learning and teaching community.

The best way to get started is receiving your suggestions. Please let us know about the most exciting, talented people in your network, and we will invite them as presenters.

Make sure to include the nominee's full name(s), title, contact info, and the reasons for suggestion. Please explain why do you think that the presenter is qualified to talk about the topic or an issue.

Thank you!