On Socks, Chairs, and Screenshots

Performative teaching in times of online instruction is a challenge. Alternating between students working on grammar activities in breakout groups and then coming back to the main room for comparison can result in a monotonous see-sawing of cognitive exercises. This hands-on workshop will offer ideas on how to leave the two-dimensionality of the screen and engage in genuine exchanges by a) maximizing on household items and b) using computer technology for aesthetic expression.

The Pedagogy of Podcasts

Whether incorporating podcasts with learner as the consumer or the creator, using podcasts in the language classroom provides opportunities to use engage with not just the language itself, but the linguistics, history, culture, etc. of the target language, resulting in an increase in knowledge of and interest in the languages they are learning. In this workshop, you will be given a brief overview of the history of podcasting, including recent listening trends, followed by a list of recommended technological tools and free or low-cost resources needed for creating a podcast. Finally, we will discuss the common podcast format types and the pedagogical implications for incorporating podcasts based on the different format types, as well as review lesson ideas and classroom assignment examples based on learner as either creator or consumer of podcast content. Watch the recording of the presentation below.

Click the image below to see the slideshow of the presentation.


Google Slides for Beginners

Through this presentation, you will learn how to use Google Slides to enhance both your synchronous and asynchronous lesson plans. In this session, you will learn how to access slides, create a simple presentation using text, images, and multimedia, present, and publish your presentation. Click the image below to see the slideshow of the presentation.