Online Language Programs

Summer Language Workshop Online Learning Options

BCS Level 2 HybridThis intensive program is for students who have elementary proficiency in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian

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Uzbek Level 1 HybridThis intensive program provides beginners a solid introduction to Uzbek. It will be offered in a hybrid mode.  

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Dutch Level 1 OnlineThis intensive online program provides a solid introduction to Dutch.  

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Pashto Level1 OnlineStudents will have a solid foundation for further study or for interacting effectively in a Pashto-speaking community.  

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Online Course Delivery Modes at IU

100% Online classes

100% Online classes have no on-campus meeting requirements. All work will be completed online. You will not be required to log in on specific days or at specific times. There will be due dates to follow.


76-99% Online classes 

76-99% Online classes are completed almost entirely online without requiring you to log in on specific days or at specific times. There will be due dates to follow. You will be required to come to campus for at least 1 class meeting, such as an orientation or exam(s).


Hybrid classes

Hybrid classes combine online instruction with regular required class meetings over live video. You will not be required to come to campus. Portions of the class will be completed online, and portions will require you to log in at specific times on a regular (often weekly) basis to participate in class.


Distance classes

Distance, Live Video classes are taught entirely through regular required class meetings on live video. You will need to log into the class at specific times on specific days throughout the entire semester. Some live video classes require attendance in a special campus classroom.

Distance Courses via Videoconferencing

Students have the opportunity to take specialized courses offered at the Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) institutions from a distance, therefore, so they don't need to relocate. The CourseShare framework allows students to register for shared language courses at the same time and in the same manner as for regular courses at their own institutions. Grades and credits are reported on the student’s home university transcript and there are no additional fees associated with shared courses. BTAA member universities provide access to less commonly taught language courses at other universities. More than 100 LCTL courses in 37 languages have been shared and delivered via live videoconference. 

Online Language Classes during the Academic Year

You can search for online language courses by visiting the IU Online website. Click below to search for online classes and read the definitions of the course delivery methods at IU.